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What We Do:



We work with corporate sellers and family businesses to invest in spin-offs and special situations. Our focus is responsible investing to unlock value with minimum disruptions.


We improve underperforming businesses  refocusing on new growth areas and implementing responsible changes. We identify new growth drivers and bring capital, expertise and contacts to maximize value creation. 

We avoid situations with large headcount reductions and optimization "at any cost". We protect seller's reputation and minimize risks.  

We work with corporate sellers and family-owned businesses to explore investments in spin-offs and special situations.

We Discover

New Growth Areas

To Unlock Value For Investors


What We Do

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Industry agnostic;
Up to USD 200m transaction size;
Primary operations in Western, Central and Eastern Europe and Israel.



Identify new growth drivers;


Adapt to changing consumer behavior;


Change business model;

Benefit from digital disruption;


Strengthen product portfolio;


Leverage synergies and add-on acquisitions.

Expertise And 


Our team has extended experience in M&A and operational management, as well as track record with leading international players, e.g.:

Our Criteria
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